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Two Recordings Available:

Marie-Anne Lagimodire   and   She Pushed From Behind

    Marie-Anne Lagimodire    

Marie-Anne Lagimodiere CD cover

The story of Marie-Anne Lagimodire is the story of adventure, of romance, of a woman breaking all the social boundaries of her day; the story of a woman who changed history.


Marie-Anne's story is profoundly important in terms of her place in history (the first white woman in Canada's West, a significant influence on a developing culture, and the grandmother of Louis Riel). Even more important is her spirit of adventure and her willingness to risk. She was willing, even eager, to go where no other woman of her community had ever gone. Throughout her life she continued to challenge herself, her family and those around her.

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    Emily Murphy        
Emily Murphy CD cover

She Pushed From Behind: Emily Murphy in Story and Song, with liner notes by Teresa Healy and Ruth Stewart-Verger is a trip into Canadian history; the life of an influential woman, the social morals of the day, racism, the early growth of feminism, the successes and the errors.


The concert recorded live on Monday March 8, 2004 at the Library and Archives of Canada before a full audience was called They Pushed From Behind thus inspiring the name for this CD.

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