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January 2015


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Dean Verger

From your newsletter editor

The last few months have flown by so quickly. There have been storytelling events, travel, and weddings. Yes, there are things that happen outside the sphere of the tale. And yet, they are all fodder for new plot lines, settings, characters, crises, and hopefully, happy endings. This newsletter is sufficiently into 2015 that I am sure that we are no longer writing 2014 on those cheques. That is, if you still use cheques. So many gadgets and bits of software take care of the little things, that we no longer have to remember changes, close doors behind us, or even open them in front of us. Magic.

The next three months are filled with more activity by the Ottawa Storytellers, including the Tea Party, its sister event at the West End Well, and the Fourth Stage series at the National Arts Centre (I wondered what will happen during its much touted street level renovations, and Laurie Fyffe had the answer, see below). 

This newsletter will be brief so as to give you more time to store away your decorations, send thank-you cards, and finish eating the leftovers.

Dean Verger (

Message from the Artistic Director

OST is excited about new plans for renovations of the National Arts Centre. It all looks fantastic. We are in touch with staff at the NAC to get updates. There will be no change in the schedule or location of our 2014-2015 4th Stage Season. Looking ahead to 2015- 2016, it's quite possible that construction may take place during the months that OST does not occupy the 4th Stage. But, we have been assured by the folks at the NAC that they will continue to keep us posted as more detailed information becomes available.
Laurie Fyffe

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