Marie-Anne Lagimodière


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Title Author Published
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McGilivray Lord of the North

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The first Canadian Woman in the Northwest.

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Five Fur Traders
Gates, Charles M.
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Novelles lumieres sur l’adventure de Jean-Baptiste Latimodières et du Marie-Anee Gaboury
Garand, Denis
Bulletin de la Societe de Sainte-Boniface, No. 4, Summer 1999 (La Societe historique de Sainte-Boniface).
Marie-Anne Lagimodière, The Incredible Story of Louis Riel’s Grandmother

Gordon, Irene Ternier

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The Riel and Lagimodière Families in Metis Society 1840-1860

Gosman, Robert, M.

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The Godmother: First Lady of the West
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Women of Red River: being a book written from the recollections of women surviving from the Red River era
Healy, WJ
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The Journal of Alexander Henry the Younger, 1799-1814

Henry Alexander

Edited and introduction by Barry Gough

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“Many Tender Ties” /Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870
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