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Telling Times May 2015

In this issue:
Note from editor 1 photo of Dean Verger by Colette Laplante Billings Estate BE
Upcoming Notices 2 Story Swap SW
Grandmothers 3 Tea Party TP
Reviews 4 West End Well WEW
News and gossip 5 NAC Fourth Stage 4S
Photos and contacts 6 (un)Told (u)T

From your newsletter editor

A light shower fell as I biked home from my mandolin lesson. Oh, Joy. Tis spring. Well, it has been since March 21st, or there abouts. But, now it feels like it. My garden is abloom with little yellow flowers. There are buds abudding upon my tree. And I was fortunate enough to listen to a number of wonderful events. My most convenient venues list has expanded to include the West End Well, both for music, and for storytelling.

In this issue we have a note from Laurie Fyffe (Managing Artistic Director), photographs from Patrick Holloway, articles and reviews by Gail Anglin, Peggy Edwards, Kathie Kompass, Colette Laplante, Liz Martin, Phil Nagyand Ruth Stewart-Verger.

Dean Verger (deanverger@gmail.com)

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