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Telling Times May 2016

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From your newsletter editor

    The last few years have flitted by so quickly. Since October 2009, I have edited over two dozen editions of the Telling Times. During the last seven years I had a hip replacement, defended my thesis, and began teaching a number of courses at Carleton University. Because of the editing and the connected conversations with storytellers I have been able to hear about the many telling activities going on in our community and farther abroad. This collection of gossip and knowledge has not been restricted to storytelling, but includes the musical arts as well.

    My travels out west provided me with a different perspective into storytelling as an art form. Each of the telling communities is made up of a wide range of skills and interests. There are performers who want to earn a living by telling. There are many more who wish to use telling as a vehicle to social intercourse (a chance to gab, and see others who share an interest). This diversity of expectation is true in every art form.

     One of the developments over the last few years is storytelling radio. There have been stories on radio since the inception of the medium. Think of the old radio plays of, shall we say, indifferent quality, such as The Shadow. These days there are internet radio stations that air interviews with tellers, and have growing catalogues of oral stories. Or think of the modern radio shows that focus on first-person true stories - mini auto-biographies.

     Once again, thank-you to each of the contributors. In the next few months I will continue to reach out and ask you for help putting the newsletter together. Your story ideas, show reviews, interviews, gossip, and of course, photographs add up to a lively storytelling community.

Dean Verger (deanverger@gmail.com)

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