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November 2014


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Dean Verger

From your newsletter editor

So much happening. You can see the evidence for yourself in this issue. It's a good thing that we recently switched to the bi-monthly format; six issues a year instead of the original four. Patrick Holloway provided many of the great photos in this issue. Cristina Kindl shared her notes about the Solo Show panel discussion. Elaine O'Reilly let us in on Nuit Blanche. Kim Kilpatrick wrote about her experience at the September Swap. Murray McGregor may very well have become our all-star roving reporter. This time he lets us know about the 1000 Island Storytelling Festival. Val Swinton attended a murder, and wrote all about it. Visiting PhD student, Fatemeh Abedi comes from a storytelling tradition. She has attended a number of telling events. She wrote about and even told at a Culture Days event. And Laurin Fulton drove back from Kingston to introduce and write about an afternoon telling at the West End Well.

Coming up in in early November, a free event perfect for your children (or grandchildren), the Children's Storytelling Festival. Then there is a new Introduction to Storytelling class, the new season of the Fourth Stage in December, and of course the ongoing tellings at the Tea Party, West End Well, (un)Told, the Swap, and both StoryTalks. Added to this are the individual efforts (shows) by the many Ottawa StoryTellers members.

Thank-yous go out to all our contributors. If you have a story about a storyteller, an event you wish to let us know about, or photographs you would like to share, we would love it. If you would like a shorter, hard copy of the newsletter, you could download it by clicking here. The next newsletter comes out at the beginning of January. 

Dean Verger (

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