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Telling Times September 2015

In this issue:
Note from editor 1 photo of Dean Verger by Colette Laplante Billings Estate BE
Village & more 2 Story Swap SW
Edmonton I 3 Tea Party TP
Edmonton II 4 West End Well WEW
News and gossip 5 NAC Fourth Stage 4S
Appalachia 6 (un)Told (u)T
Levis and contacts 7

From your newsletter editor

The stories continue to rise out of the imaginations, and the experiences of the many tellers across this country. More and more people are being drawn to the personal story. But why? Could it be the desire for connection with another human being? The secret thrill of knowing the person in front of you actually went through all those events in the story? Is it that there is no need to suspend disbelief? Do we become closer to the person on the stage, in some emotional way? Does this closeness vary between fairy tale, historical action, and the personal anecdote? Whatever the case, it is certain that variety of material has its place for both the listener and the teller.

The Ottawa Storytellers have the new season up and ready on the OST website. This includes the Tea Party, West End Well, and a concert at Arts Court in September. The unTold series is almost ready to be announced (if you click on the link above, as of August 2015, it will show you the 2014 information). In this issue of the newsletter there is special mention of David Merleau's SC Radio CC.

One of the ways that the newsletter is improved is via the correspondence and the comments about the newsletter that I receive from you. I welcome the notes about the newsletter, and the items of news, that I get, whether in person at an event, or by the now "old fashioned" e-mail. Once again, thank-yous go out to the contributors to this issue, Cathy, Colette, Murray, and Ruth.

Dean Verger (deanverger@gmail.com)

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