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Some Words from Dean

Time passes. The bad is assuaged with the works of friends and the ongoing creativity of the talented. A year and a half have gone by, and in that time a number of things have happened here on the Ottawa scene. Musicians have continued to express themselves, and a number of individuals have come forward to refresh those fires of inspiration and opportunity.

Thanks go out to George Laing and Brian Harris, and the team of volunteers that they have brought together to insure that those who wish to express themselves musically can continue to grow in a venue that will safely nourish those needs.

The new concert series that kicks off in February, will be a place for people to come and hear music, albeit in a tavern, but in a listening tavern. Who would have thunk it!

These days I am working on my degree, visiting friends, have friends visit Ruth and I host a radio show on Monday mornings. As a storyteller I am working on a new performance piece. A few years ago I created a storytelling piece based on William Goldman's The Princess Bride (with songs by Charlie Sohmer). Now, I am working on a new story that will encorporate telling and song about a really big whale.

In the meantime I will continue to attend performances, jams, and open stages showcasing the amazing talent that abounds in this city in which we live.

Ottawa Folk Jams

  • Open Stage at the Elmdale
  • Jamalong at the Elmdale
  • Swing Era Music Session, one Thursday a month, Clocktower on Bank
    (613) 728-4424
  • Old Time Session hosted by Mary Gick,one Thursday a month, Carleton Tavern, 223 Armstrong St.,
    (613) 728-4424
  • Rasputin's Beard concert series at the Elmdale

I suggest that people think in terms of hosting concerts in their own homes. This will allow performers audiences on off days, when otherwise there would be no income for them. To learn more about house concerts I invite you to visit our How To Host A House Concert page

Ruth Stewart-Verger (my life partner) now has two biographical StoryTelling CDs "Marie-Anne Lagimodiere" (which can be downloaded from iTunes) and "Emily Murphy". Both incorporate original songs by Charlie Sohmer, and Teresa Healy, in that order.

"Be cool. Hug"

Dean Verger

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