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Dean Verger
Storyteller, Academic, Workshop Leader, Dog Trainer

Storyteller Workshops
Dean is a StoryTeller, a dog trainer, and an academic. As an academic he teaches a variety of courses, including The Psychology of Creativity.

As a performer, he has appeared on stages in Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. Dean is presently working on a maritime story show. He became enamoured with the writing from the turn of the century, the 20th century, with works from 1912 -1917. These include a tall tale about fishing for a submarine, an immigrant tale, and the dangers of fog on the Grand Banks.

Dean has acted with Ottawa's Theatre For Children, Orpheus, and Ottawa Little Theatre. He has appeared at Centrepointe Theatre, on stage at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage, and in the Museum of Nature. He has performed his original works on both radio and television, and across Canada at festivals, schools, cafes, bookstores, and libraries.

Here is a link to a few stories for children that Dean has recently recorded.
Dealing with Stage Fright
practical advice to help individuals talk or perform in front of others

Microphone Use
a hands on approach to using different types of microphones

How to Critique or Coach
for those who want to take control of their skill development
An at-home training service helping owners with their dogs.

photo of Dean Verger Some Past Concerts
  • Dracula (A live Rogers Cable TV interview about the Dracula show)
  • Moby Dick (The Moby Dick webpage)
  • The Princess Bride
  • Maritime Tales
  • Numerous Children's Shows
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