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photo of Dean leaning through window
Dean Verger

Dean is curious. He asks questions, then tries to find the answers. In his early days he wanted to run his own business. He went to school, and opened Rasputin's.

Because he had a smart dog, Dean took courses on classical and operant conditioning. He began Petiquette, helping families with their pets.

Then Dean returned to school to get a better grounding in psychology. Eventually with his PhD he turned to teaching.

The combination of business, music, storytelling, performance, and psychology led to his development of The Psychology of Creativty. This fourth-year seminar investigates our intriguing ability to solve problems in unique and interesting ways. It is a hands-on, interactive form of learning where students are encouraged to be creative.

PhD (Psychology) Carleton University
MA (Psychology) Carleton University
HBA (Business Administration) University of Western Ontario
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