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December Concert Details:

December 2 Rose Cousins:

Rose Cousins sings about wide open hearts and wide open fields. Her songs focus on the dual themes of roots and branches, with lyrics woven with the foundation of home and family, while at the same time containing a palpable sense of reaching and stretching and looking for more. Rose's words leave enough room between them that the listeners can fill in the gaps with their own stories.

Growing up on Canada's Prince Edward Island, Rose's first performances were with her mom and sister in the church choir. Fast forward several years, and Rose is now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, building an international following after releasing 3 CDs, being featured on two compilations, and sharing the stage with Andy Stochansky, Emm Gryner, Meg Hutchinson, and Edie Carey.

thurs 8:30pm $8 Reserve Tickets

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December 3 Rob Ritchie:

Rob Ritchie is probably best known from his days as the piano player with the Canadian folk-roots powerhouse Tanglefoot. From 1996 to 2002, his signature keyboard stylings were an integral aspect of the group's sound, and many of his songs still rank among Tanglefoot's most recognizable, including "Seven a Side", McCurdy's Boy", "The Garden", "Minnie's Lullaby" and the bitterly powerful "Buxton".

Now he's struck out on his own with a debut solo album. Five O'Clock Shadow is a ten-track CD that draws from Rob's own wry and colourful sensibilities. Accessing his wide-ranging stylistic palette, these songs open the door to some of the inner reflections of a keenly observant artist.

The piano-centred orientation to the album is something of a departure from most of the writing Rob did for Tanglefoot, and is perhaps more true to his creative muse. As he says himself, "the piano is what inspires me to create; that's where I'm sitting when the mood strikes." This orientation alone sets Five O'Clock Shadow apart from the singer-songwriter-with-guitar stereotype.

fri 8pm tickets: $10 Reserve Tickets

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December 4 Brock Zeman with Keith Glass:

Brock Zeman’s debut CD “Cold Winter Comes Back” is a stirring collection of original material from an emerging Canadian powerhouse. One listen invites comparison to such giants as John Prine, Steve Earle, and Guy Clark. Despite being only twenty-two years of age, Brock is a gifted artist who possesses a rare talent for lyrics, and a compelling voice to deliver them.

This recording falls directly into the alt country/Americana/Canadiana category. With some of Canada's finest musicians contributing (Joan Besen -piano, Dennis Delorme -steel, Keith Glass -guitars and bass, all from Prairie Oyster, and Denis Keldie -organ and accordion) this record stands up to repeat listening, revealing more each time.

Keith is a founding member of Canada's Prairie Oyster, a band that has earned a reputation for great musical integrity. Although largely considered a country band, Oyster has continually stretched the boundaries of that idiom to incorporate blues, swing, rock and roll, and anything else that fits, just as the originators of the style did. The result is a band like no other...

sat 8:00pm tickets: $10 Reserve Tickets

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December 5 A Storytelling adaptation of William Goldman's "The Princess Bride"

Storytelling and original songs combine in this presentation of a new fairy tale. Originally written in the early 70's, then rescripted as a very successful movie, it is once again brought to life in story and song with tellers Ruth Stewart-Verger & Dean Verger, and singer-songwriter Charlie Sohmer. Two hours plus intermission in length this is the story inside the story, involving the most beautiful woman in the world, the most dangerous man, sword fights, giants, magic and true love. The telling begins at 2pm. The doors open at 1pm. There will be coffee, tea, hot cider, and snacks available. The beverages and snacks are included in your ticket price.

sun 2:00pm tickets: $15 (snacks included) Reserve Tickets

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December 10 Kate and Hollis:

Kate enjoys guitar and banjo while Hollis plays acoustic guitar, resophonic guitar (Dobro), and old-time banjo (clawhammer style). They write much of their own material but cover a range of traditional and contempory ballads also.

fri 8:00pm tickets: $7 Reserve Tickets

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December 11 Family Christmas Matinee with Chuck Roberts:

Chuck Roberts is an award winning singer-songwriter who also performs in the schools for the younger crowd. Chuck has agreed to come in and help Rasputin's celebrate the season in song. You will notice the family pricing.

sat 2:00pm tickets: $15/family, or $5/person Reserve Tickets

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December 11 Likewater and Scott B. Sympathy and Ian North:

Likewater is Jennifer Claveau & Eric Newby. Jennifer writes most melodies and lyrics, while Eric produces, writes and weaves intricate guitar pieces. Songwriting inspiration for Jennifer comes from the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu. It means "The Way". She uses this philosophy to maintain balance in what hasn't always been a peaceful life. By maintaining balance, Likewater is able to continue on flowing paths, two souls touching through a life-long journey of self-exploration, new ideas, creativity and peace of mind.

"Those familiar with the singer-songwriter (Scott B. Sympathy) who's been plying his wares for some 15 years now should know it too. It's not simply that Scott Bradshaw wears his heart on his sleeve -- though you could say that about him. It's more that over the course of his career, on records like 1990's Neil Yonge Street and 1993's Drinking with the Poet, Scott B. has been consistently unafraid to explore all of life's nooks and crannies. Sometimes what you find isn't pretty. Sometimes it's downright heartbreaking." CINDY MCGLYNN

Ian North is often called a "songwriter's songwriter" for juxtaposing familiar and off-beat references from music history, literature and pop culture. Many of his stories and images come from real life journeys and some from fictional ones. "Mystery Tavern" was inspired by a real place in the Ottawa Valley, while "Beautiful City" is an imaginary place where Ian will take you to forget all other songs.

sat 8:00pm tickets: $10, includes the CD Reserve Tickets

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December 12 Nathan Sloniowski with Terry Tufts & Stella Luna:

As the latest member of The Ragged Flowers band to venture a solo recording, Nathan Sloniowski explores alt-country with Terry Tufts adding his gifts to Nathan's new "No Wicked for the Rest" CD. A deep-roasted blend of folk flavoured with bluegrass and roots influences, Nathan's songs and mellow alto voice take audiences on an intelligent, irreverent journey into the bizarre world of 21st century power structures, with engaging road-trips along the way into love, loss and redemption.

Nathan's mp3 pre-release of an anti-Bush song called "Who Rules The World" has already attracted an article in the Ottawa Citizen, a television feature on CBC's Canada Now, airplay on CKCU-FM, and global downloads from being featured on the OneWorld Radio Network.

Nathan's a huge fan of Mr. Tufts, and Rasputin's will be treated to Terry's not-often-heard dobro, mandolin and electric guitar playing. Nathan's also bringing along Stouffville Ontario's Stella Luna, a roots-rock singer-songwriter who's recently opened for Chris Brown and Kate Fenner at The Horseshoe in Toronto and backs Nathan on harmony vocals on his new record.

Expect a campfire atmosphere as these three musical friends explore Nathan's new music. And since Terry and Stella are in the finishing stages of their own CDs, be ready for some newer-than-new music by them in the second set!

sun 7:30pm tickets: $8 Reserve Tickets

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December 14 A Lingonberry Christmas:

They have found a new voice for their quartette and are ready to sing up a storm on our stage once again.

tues 7:30pm tickets: $12 Reserve Tickets

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December 17 Tena Palmer with John Geggie:

Tena Palmer is vocal dynamite. The first vocalist with Chelsea Bridge, she moved to Europe, and then taught voice in Iceland for seven years. Now Tina has joined up once again with John Geggie.

fri 8:00pm tickets: $10 Reserve Tickets

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December 18 Pam Hodges

Two years ago Sister Eileen - teacher, poet, artist, writer, asked Pam to set some of her poetry to music. Pam recorded a CD which is soon to be released. Pam will present these songs as well as some of her own songs of life and faith. Love songs that inspire us to find the divine in ourselves.

About Sister Eileen: Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Sister Eileen Curteis entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Ann in August 1961. Sister Eileen trained in education and spent many years in this field. Over the past ten years her path has taken a new direction, and she has been actively involved in a healing ministry at Queenswood, a retreat, growth and renewal centre in Victoria, which is under the administration of the Sisters of Saint Ann.

sat 8:00pm tickets: $8 Reserve Tickets

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December 19 Angie Nussey with special guest Julie Perrault

In the past five years, Angie Nussey has earned her stripes as an independent artist. The upcoming release of her 2nd full-length album, "Paint and Turpentine", represents the culmination of her remarkable accomplishments with the potential to reach even greater heights. To date, Nussey has attained impressive first album sales, radio, television, and web-based success solely through her strength as a performer and the magnetic candour of her music. In an industry that generally covets glossy image over human substance, Angie Nussey is defying the laws of commercial success by garnering the attention of music critics, record companies, mainstream media and amassing a devout following all as an independent artist who writes and performs without gimmick or pretence.

sun 7:30pm tickets: $6 Reserve Tickets

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December 30 Aaron Saloman / Tyler Kealey:

Aaron Saloman and Tyler Kealey will be teaming up to share songs and celebrate the release of Aaron’s new CD. Fans of local music will remember Aaron Saloman’s former band, In Season. After national television appearances on CBC’s “Jonovision”, hundreds of shows, including bills with Kim Mitchell, Sass Jordan, and The Watchmen, and the release of a CD, they disbanded in 2000. Aaron went on to a successful solo career, releasing the critically acclaimed “Muse’s Whip” EP, performing in Canada and the U.S., and backing up local favourites including Michaela Foster-Marsh, and James Blondeau. Aaron’s new EP, “No Reason”, will feature three new songs recorded with his rhythm section in Boston, where he now attends the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Dave Burlovich of IndieSoundz.com writes, “The songwriting and musicianship is peerless. I don’t know how others perceive Aaron’s voice, but I find it unique, powerful, and emotively charged.”

Tyler Kealey’s youthful appearance gives little clue as to the vastness of his musical resumé. As a keyboardist and vocalist, he has backed up acts including The Crowd, Jacob Two-Two, The J.W. Jones Band, Kuzzin, The Nepean All-City Jazz Band, and Tallimar, to name just a handful. As a soloist, he performs constantly at clubs in and around Ottawa, including a weekly “dueling pianos” show at Fat Tuesdays. Lately, Tyler has been busy preparing his new EP, “Spotlight Sanctuary”, which will be released in January 2005. Tyler’s songs are instantly sing-able, and offer clever observations on love, celebrity, and music. He may even have some advance copies of the new CD on hand!

Tyler and Aaron will share the stage at Rasputin’s Folk Café, and reduce their songs to the essence, with only a guitar, a keyboard, and two voices.

thurs 8:00pm tickets: $10 Reserve Tickets

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