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Performance Calendar - January 2003

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January Concert Details:

January 3 Imaginary Friends:
This talented duo brings songwriting and musicality to our stage for the first time. With beautiful, attention grabbing vocals, and fine instrumental work.
fri 8pm tickets: $6

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January 4 Dennis Lakusta o/a Zuzu
With a number of CDs out, including one live recording entitled "Kick In Your TV", Dennis has returned to Ottawa after a hiatus out west. Dennis mixes the sounds of his ancestral roots with modern observations on life. Opening the evening will be Zuzu, a unique songwriter whose songs are about a man going over the falls in a barrell, or a photo revisited. It is the words that capture the audience.
sat 8pm tickets: $10

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January 10 Beth Cahill o/a David Parsons
Beth Cahill became so comfortable with the mandolin that she found a four-string guitar and settled down to writing enough music for more than one CD. She lived in and played in Texas for a while. Now back in Ottawa she has been involved in Writers' Bloc, and many gigs. Folk-swing with a quirky sense of fun.
Then directly from Beth...

I am inspired by many acoustic traditions: bluegrass, Celtic, folk and jazz. I present a lot of my own original songs. Mandolin, tenor guitar and voice is the foundation of my sound. In an ensemble situation, this foundation is layered with bass, six string guitar, violin, xylophone and percussion. I am happy to be plugged in, but careful to acknowledge my acoustic roots. I love lyric, but try not to take myself too seriously. It is after all about the melody. I focus my energy on songwriting, developing a unique musical style and exploring new ways to reach diverse audiences. I like sparse tunings, distinctive chord progressions and explaining One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I never get tired of listening to Glenn Gould's recordings of the Goldberg Variations. I count among my influences: Rickie Lee Jones, the Replacements and Sandy Denny.
I live in the most beautiful place in the world (Wakefield, Quebec) but I am pretty familiar with Canada outside la belle province as well as the United States. I have been fortunate to share the stage with some great artists including: The Bad Livers, Dana Cooper and Shake Russell, Eliza Gilkyson, Jack Hardy, Johnsmith and Maura O'Connell.
I have one solo CD, Hitching to LaPaz which was release in 1999 after I hitchhiked across Bolivia. I am also really fortunate to be a member of a way cool band called The Malvinas. We just released our debut CD in June of 2002. It's called i' m not like this.

Opening act, David Parsons, once of Ottawa, now is a youth worker in Vancouver. He is also a songwriter. He blends the two. David is a co-founder of an arts focused support group for youth survivors of traumtic brain injury called "Snapped Wires".
fri 8pm tickets: $7

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January 11 Jamie Nordstrand
Jamie Nordstrand of the Social Icons has been described as "Hank Williams meets the Velvet Underground and goes surfing!"
This in from Jamie himself:

For the last few years I have been developing an on stage persona named "Nick Danger". I will be playing this role at the January 11 show. It is pretty much what I've been doing for years but it adds a little bit more fun to the experience. The sound is the same but with a dash more hillbilly and my big blue Epiphone. I am backed up by Steve Neilson who was the drummer for Rodney Doddrige's band The Mudpouts/Garrison Finish. We have been quite busy with the help of a local record label called "The Beautiful Music". We are currently in the studio recording our first EP and are going to be included on a tribute album to "The Television Personalities" (an Art Pop Mod band out of England). We hope to have something for the crowd on the 11th. The folks who will be opening the show call themselves "The Mules" (They were "The Black Market Mules" but have recently shortened their name). Here is an excerpt from their web site: "The Mules are Jeremy Palmer and Rick O'Neill. Their music has a unique sound that is distinctly rural yet roots deep into the heart of the urban. Golden voices and beautiful guitar work allow The Mules to take you on a journey with each tune they deliver." -
sat 8pm tickets: $6

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January 17 Andree Copeland
Andree is a veteran writer and has been performing at Rasputin's for nearly 20 years, on and off. Her stage presence is funny and irreverant. Her writing style is eclectic; folk based compositions with a strong blues influence.
fri 8pm tickets: $10

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January 18 Alex Houghton
Alex has just completed a concert with Don Ross, one of her old guitar teachers. With three CDs under her belt, and many national tours we feature an evening of instrumental guitar.
sat 8pm tickets: $8

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January 24 Jeremy Woodland & Kevin Cardamore
Jeremy is a wonderful guitarist. Last time he was here he accompanied Norm Hacking. This time around he splits the bill with Ottawa's Kevin Cardamore. Kevin just recently released a CD he co-produced with Don Ross.
fri 8pm tickets: $7

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January 25 Ann Downey and Vince Halfhide
Many know Ann from both teh Toasted Westerns and in her international incarnation with Finest Kind. A superb singer and instrumentalist Ann partners up with one of the smoothest guitar players in the country, Vince Halfhide.
sat 8pm tickets: $7

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January 31 "As Time Goes By" Lauren Stratton & Jazz It Up
A nostalgic musical journey from the 20's through the 50's to which you can bring your Mom, your Aunt Louise and Uncle Fred.
fri 8pm tickets: $10 or $20 with dinner

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