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Introduction to Storytelling

StoryTelling in the Classroom
StoryTelling Workshop for Adults
Children Beginner's StoryTelling


StoryTelling in the Classroom
A workshop for teachers

In some of the most recent research on literacy, being read to is not the most telling predictor in a child's success in school literacy. It is, in fact, the sharing of stories that is most importantů the telling and retelling, the talking about, the questioning and the taking on of roles! Oral storyTelling brings the "shape of stories" to children's ears and to their kinaesthetic senses before, and alongside, the task of reading. Oral literacy supports written literacy, builds vocabulary, enriches visualization, and encourages children to make connections: to their own lives, to other texts, to the world around them!

StoryTelling in the classroom can:

  • Enhance group communications
  • Strengthen team relationships
  • Empower individuals to express their ideas
  • Promote empathy
  • Hone listening skills
  • Improve ability to communicate a message
  • Develop a sense of story that carries over to written communications
  • Improve receptive and expressive vocabularies

Participants will listen to stories and ideas about stories. They will draw a storyboard and create a story map that will connect characters, setting, and plot. They will work in pairs to learn a short story that they can then take back to their classrooms.


Beginner's StoryTelling Workshop for Adults
Finding a story to tell

There are so many stories out there in the world; so many stories to tell; so many to choose from. So how does one do itů how does one choose? This workshop introduces the participants to story, storyTelling and storyTelling performance. The workshop explores:

  • What is story?
  • What is storyTelling?
  • Elements of a good story
  • Types of Tales
  • How to finding a story to Tell: appeal, audience, purpose
  • Learning a story: techniques and practices
  • Presentation: Criteria for a good telling
  • The contract between teller and listener

Children Beginner's StoryTelling
A workshop for children who want to tell stories

Let me tell you a story, then you tell it to me. That is how we begin. Children will use drawings, drama and experimenting with words to investigate folk tales. We will learn how to remember the story, and how to tell it so that our listeners will remember it too!