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Dean Verger
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Hot off the press from Jennifer McArton

The background to this particular story is over on page 3 and a bit in my note to the reader below. A problem has been growing over at Library and Archives Canada that has affected our monthly swap.You will get to the details in a few page turns. But for now, let Jennifer McArton tell you what has happened:

"Great news. The PSAC building has been booked for our Swaps starting on Thursday August 1st.  Jeff Wright, the Swap coordinator, booked the room with Jeff Sample, the facilities coordinator of the PSAC building, on behalf of OST for the first Thursday of evey month until August 2014.
Jeff and I visited the PSAC building last week.  It's wonderful.  Thanks so much Marie-Andree for finding this superb location.  For those of you who haven't seen the building, it's at 233 Gilmour St. (between Elgin and Metcalfe).  You can't miss it - it has a distinctive oval shape.  It's a block away from Elgin Street.  There's a Starbucks and a Bridgehead around the corner.  There are many restaurants within a few minutes walking distance.  There's plenty of free parking available for us in the PSAC parking lot.  It's easy access to OC Transpo.  The building is accessible (even with an accessible washroom!)  AND... IT'S FREE!!!
Because the July swap is at the Storytellers of Canada / Conteurs du Canada Conference site the last Swap at National Library and Archives Canada will be the June swap.

The JK Wyllie boardroom, where we will hold our Swaps, is a warm and inviting place.  There's a low stage at the end of the room which will be perfect for our storytellers.  There is plenty of natural sunlight (lots of windows). "

From your newsletter editor

When I retired from my previous arts-related career in the restaurant industry, so many years ago, people wondered what I would do next. Well, in June I will be telling Moby Dick at the Ottawa Fringe Festival.  I had heard of people who had felt lost without their job. But the lost were rarely artists. And that was when I realised that artists are used to projects. Finish one idea, and move to the next. It is a function of creativity, the spark that drives us. I watch creative individuals who have a pile of projects on their plates, and their biggest concern is finding enough time.

I think of our collection of tellers and listeners as creative individuals. There is an itch to find new ways of seeing things, doing things. A drive to express ourselves by creating new shows, new opportunities. Oh, the exitement of being moved by the muse. This allows us to react to change, to challenges by growing and evolving. And this applies to OST as well. The Canadian government had moved away from free use of the Library and Archives Canada. This meant fees for the Swap involving room rental and overtime for PWC employees. Another project calling for creative solutions that as you just read was found through the hard work of many individuals, and Marie-Andree.

In this issue we introduce a new columnist. You may remember Anne Landers. Well, we now have Taylor Fable. Taylor takes your questions and brings them to experienced storytellers to harvest their thoughts and reminiscences. Taylor has an email address, and delights in searching out just the right solutions for your amazing questions.

Once again, thank-you to everyone who helped bring this newsletter together. This newsletter has been brought about by the contributions of Anne Nagy, Jennifer McArton, Kim Kilpatrick, Pat Holloway, and Taylor Fable.

Dean Verger

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