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March 2014


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Dean Verger

This year has raced by like a speeding bullet. Although I feel I’ve barely begun my term as president, here we are preparing for our next AGM and I’m astonished to realize I’ve had almost a full year wielding the gavel at board meetings.

The very good news is that Tom Lips, a familiar face to you all, is ready to step into the presidential shoes with solid experience, knowledge, and competence to ensure success. On the other side of the ledger is our loss of our talented MAD, Caitlyn Paxson, who will leave us after eight years to pursue her own artistic development. One of her last gifts to us was the launch of (UN)TOLD, an open mic opportunity  designed to attract a younger demographic, which was launched in February and got off to a good start.

Your board and its committees continue to support OST at a level of commitment that I find exceptional in a group of volunteers, especially considering the size of our budget, the amount and variety of programming and the number of special projects they undertake to keep the organization vibrant and effective. Despite our many successes, we are challenged on several fronts, including
•    recruiting volunteers to the board and committees from a small membership;
•    growing our membership, especially by attracting younger members and those from a broader diversity of backgrounds; and
•    creating greater capacity for fundraising.
Your board will continue to work at solutions to these concerns and continue to pursue a number of projects in progress. I thank you for the learning and friendship OST has given me this year.
Hoping to greet you all at the AGM,
Valerie Swinton

From your newsletter editor

It might be because I am getting older. Or it might be something I came to realise a few decades back. When I see photos of elders, I often take the time to imagine that person as a youth. I imagine retired athletes, actors, and dancers as they were when they were much younger. People are not one age, not one image, but rather a continuity, a multiplicity of experiences over time. Seeing a person for not only who they are, but all they have done, that is the beginning of wonderful story.

Last issue I asked if you might prefer a shorter, but more frequent newsletter. Respondents universally liked the idea of moving from four thick editions up to six easier to read editions a year. I believe this will lead to a more timely newsletter, with fresher reviews and gossip. We will continue to look for articles, gossip, promos of your shows, and your photos and links to other events. The information should be either about storytellers (a pretty wide range of topics possible) or storytelling. Future issues will be released January, March, May, July, September, and November (two extra newsletters a year) beginning July.

In this issue, we have reviews of events and shows, such as Sylvie Belleau, a Montreal storyteller, who performed here in Ottawa as part of Canadian Literacy Day. A review of the Robert Seven Crows concert at the Fourth Stage. How about a sweet recipe.  A continuing back story of the Greek gods.  Lots of audio interviews and photographs. A heads up of a visiting Victoria storyteller performing at Kathie Kompass'. Tea Party performance reviews, and workshop reviews. All from the many contributors who make my task so much more interesting.

Thank-you for reading, and taking part in the process of creating this newsletter. If you think the newsletter articles, reviews, or audio clips might be of interest to your friends, please feel free to share the newsletter link with them.

Dean Verger (

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