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Dean Verger

Message from the President - April 2012

Well, as summer arrives, it comes at the close of a few busy - and exciting - months for Ottawa StoryTellers!

The June 16th production of The Odyssey not only marked the conclusion of another successful year of programming at the NAC FOURTH STAGE, but was the thrilling culmination of so many initiatives, including the fundraising dinner at Theo's Greek Taverna, and the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make these a success - you know who you are! The results of our collective efforts were gratifying as we met our fundraising goal, and also sold enough tickets to make it a near sell-out! The excitement was palpable on June 16th, and with the help of the Gods - and 18 tellers - Odysseus arrived home. Thank you also goes to 2 Women Productions for their artistic direction and vision, and to Caitlyn for helping make sure all went smoothly. It was an event that shall be remembered for a long time. dinner at Theo's Greek Taverna

And with the close of the NAC series, thoughts begin to turn to the 2012 Festival, Naked Narrative. The line up has been announced, and the rack cards are out! Now's the time to make sure you've protected November 10, and November 15-18th on your calendar!

The Board has recently considered some exciting proposals for 2013, and has approved two separate projects. One will see a group of tellers developing skills on how to write and tell historical stories. The other would see an expert in coaching storytelling brought in for a series of workshops. Both of these would culminate in July next year, when the Storytellers of Canada annual conference will be held in Ottawa. We are now seeking possible funding - stay tuned for further developments.

The Board has also created a new committee to study the issue of diversity as it relates to OST. The committee's mandate will be confirmed this summer, and we anticipate the team will begin working in the fall.

I wish you a wonderful summer, with perhaps a bonfire and a story or two...


From your newsletter editor

The telling focus for the last many months was on The Odyssey. Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley took their many experiences and talents and inspired 16 other storytellers to join them in this project. Not only did Jan and Jennifer have an idea, but they had the ability to turn that idea into an achievable project. They partnered their own 2 women productions with the Ottawa Storytellers, and with a diverse crew of tellers carefully planned, bumped, stumbled, and ran across a very successful finish line. And yet, that finish line has turned out not to be the end of their idea. Already, they have inspired others in the telling and theatre communities to tackle longer presentations, here and abroad (for example in England).

The Ottawa Storytellers continue to be involved in over 150 tellings a year in a wide variety of locations, such as the Billings Estate Museum, the Bytown Museum, schools, homes (house concerts), festivals (Westfest), community associations, and much, much more. Even in the summer there are telling and listening opportunities, indoors and outdoors. In the last three months, we have hosted and met visiting tellers (i.e., Alette Willis, Dave Paddon, Lorne Brown), chatted with returning tellers (i.e., Marva Blackmore, Marta Singh), and continued to grow as tellers visit with tellers the last Monday of each month to improve their tales and their tones (i.e., Kathie Kompass, Ruth Stewart-Verger).

This issue, we have lots of recorded interviews for you to hear. And the occasional review. So, once again, enjoy. And whenever you have something to add, remember to let me know.

Dean Verger


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