Ottawa StoryTellers Newsletter Telling Times January 2014

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Note from the editor

Reviews and Memories 2
The Iliad 3
Sad Farewell 4
News - Reviews (and gossip) 5
NAC Fourth Stage 4S
Photo of Dean
Billings Estate
Story Swap
Tea Party
Taking Moby Dick to BC 6
Billeting and the SC-CC Exchange
Tips and Information 8
Dean Verger

From your newsletter editor

You may have noticed that when I encounter members I have taken to asking if they have read the latest newsletter. Technology makes it easier to send out information, and to lose that information. For example, gmail now offers an automatic separation between "promotions", "social", and "primary" emails. The OST mail tends to get shifted to the promotions tab, making it effectively invisible for some gmail users. I solve the invisibility problem by dragging the promotion emails I like to the primary, and voila, the next emails from that source end up in my primary box.

I have heard and received a few comments about the length of the newsletter. It has been suggested that "if the newsletter were to come out more frequently, for example every two months, it would be of a more convenient length".  This is certainly possible. And it has certain advantages, such as a more responsive newsletter, and better reporting of activities between publishing dates.Do you have an opinion? Please let me know.

Once again, many hands have come together to bring this newsletter into being. Rick let me know about Marie-Andree's creativity. Pat Holloway provided us with photographs. Elaine wrote about her Children's Festival experience with her grandchildren. Alan put down his trumpet, and wrote about Tales and Tunes. Mary wrote from Vancouver. Jeff showed his scholarly side as he wrote about the importance of "face" in Homer's time. Thank-you to everyone who has shared their experiences and thoughts in this, the Winter 2014 issue of the Telling Times.

Dean Verger (

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